Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

§  1 Helmets:
It is compulsory to wear a helmet on any of our tours. It is further more highly recommended you wear gloves.

§  2 First aid:
Any participant performs first aid and supports the bike guide within reason and/or follows the instructions given by paramedics or mountain rescue members.

§  3 Prerequisites for attending:
Any cyclist able to perform the described criteria and in possession of the necessary gear (apparel, mountain bike/road bike) can partake. The group leader is entitled to exclude any participant not fulfilling the requirements before or during the tour. In such cases, no refund of the paid amount can be claimed.

§  4 Application:
Any application is binding. Once we have received your application you will receive a registration confirmation via mail.

§  5 Payment:
Payment can be made in cash in front of the tour or transferred to the specified bank account prior to the tour.

§  6 Rights:
(a) If the customer refuses to pay the agreed fee or is in arrears, bikeguide.tirol is entitled to withhold any contributed assets by the customer in order to secure any claims and expenses. (§ 970 c ABGB Legal Right of Retention.)
(b) bikeguide.tirol has the right of lien on any assets contributed by the customer (§ 1101 ABGB Harbourer’s Legal Right of Lien).

§  7 Requirments:
(a) bikeguide.tirol is obliged to bring forward and perform the agreed services in an appropriate scope.
(b) All prices shown are gross.

§  8 Minimum number of participants:
The tour can only be executed with the minimum number of participants as stated in our catalogue. If the minimum number of participants cannot be fulfilled, bikeguide.tirol is entitled to withdraw from the contract within 14 days before the tour start. In such a case you will receive full reimbursement of any payments already made. Further claims are not applicable.

§  9 Our Services:
The scope of our services is derived from the information stated in our brochures. The information describes the planned tours without guaranteeing the progress as detailed. We reserve the right to changes in services, e.g. the described routes and/or overnight stops as well as changes to the schedule due to weather conditions or organisational reasons.

§ 10 Penalties:
As some of the tours are carried out on hiking trails, private roads, truck and horse cart lanes and similar, a friendly and forthcoming behaviour towards owners, hunters, forest rangers, police and others is required. In case of penalties these will be divided between all members of the group.

§ 11 Liability:
We are not liable for damages caused by not adhering to the bike guide’s instructions or respective road traffic regulations. Participation is at one’s own risk. Any participant is responsible for adhering to the respective regulations. The participant waives any claims against the bike guide and acknowledges the potential risks related to the activity of mountain biking. (Such as road and trail conditions, sudden obstacles, unsecured curbs and shoulders etc.). This includes forest trails where sudden obstacles and other traffic may occur. The participant declares to be physically and mentally fit and healthy and will immediately inform the bike guide in case of any occurring impairments. An accident and compensation insurance is recommended. We shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to bikes and/or luggage as a result from transportation.

§ 12 Warranty:
Should any of our tours, despite all efforts, exhibit any flaws, these have to be reported to the bikeguide immediately.

§ 13 Premature termination:
Any participant leaving a tour – for whatever reason – early is not entitled to any refund. bikeguide.tirol is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect in case of payment arrears. We reserve the right to terminate the contract in case the contractual performance is suspended due to Force Majeure. bikeguide.tirol however, is under the obligation to return any payments received so as to not make any profit out of the event. (§ 1447 ABGB).

§ 14 Cancellation policy:
In case of cancellation the following cancellation fees apply:
Up to 25 days before tour start 15% 
Up to 15 days before tour start 30%
Up to 10 days before tour start 50%
Up to 7 days before tour start 75%
Up to 5 days before tour start 80%

§ 15 Images and videos:
We reserve the right to use images and videos taken during our tours/events for advertising and marketing purposes.

§ 16 Invalidity:
The possible invalidity of individual provisions mentioned above shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this contract. 

§ 17 Indemnity:
In case of liability claims bikeguide.birol is insured at: Zürich Versicherung AG, Austria

§ 18 Place of jurisdiction:
The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising from the contractual relationship between guide and participant is the territorially competent regional court Zell/Ziller, 6280 Zell am Ziller.




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