Single track grades

Single track grades

SO        A trail without considerable difficulties or obstacles. Generally these are easy-to-ride country and forest trails on non-slip, anti-skid surfaces or gravel roads. The incline is slight to moderate and the bends are wide. No root, rock or stair obstacles are to be expected.

S1         These trails provide easy obstales like roots, brooks or gravel and rocks with inclines of up to 40 %. You may encounter the occasional gullet or soil erosion. Another reason for a higher grade can be that the ground has not (been) hardened.

S2         You can expect bigger obstacles in the shape of large roots and rocks. Usually, the ground is not hardened and you can expect steps and stairs (wooden steps positioned one after the other)  as well as inclines of up to 70 % and hairpin bends. 

S3         Rocky trails with lots of big rocks and roots fall into this section, but so do high steps, hairpin bends and tricky slants. Inclines of 70 % and more are to be expected, whereas easy-going flat stretches are an exception and if you do find them they usually are slippery or gravelly.

S4         This category comprises very steep single tracks with large rocks and/or demanding passages with roots and loose gravel. Extremely steep ramps, hairpin bends and steps that will no doubt cause your bike to ground are a given in this category.

S5         Expect extremely difficult and steep terrain with sudden steep ascents, fields of slip rock and coarse gravel, mud slides, extremely tight hairpin bends, high and successive landings, and obstacles (trees). There usually are no flat sections, no brake paths, and more often than not obstacles have to be negotiated in straight succession.